Kangaroo Island Living Honey


Kangaroo Island Living Honey is a small family run business.
We currently have approx. 200 productive hives, and on a good year we can extract up to 20 ton of Organic honey.
Some of these hives will be on the farm and others will be on certified sites across the island.
We also run business tours and beekeeping experiences.
Our Aim is to produce products of the highest standard and as natural as possible.
I love my bees and the fascinating products that they create and I want to share their amazing story with everyone that visits.
The business is part of our home surroundings, and so when you arrive it is a very relaxed and casual atmosphere.
There are farm animals and pets to play with and will welcome all that visit.

Map & Directions

172 Florance Road, Haines, Kangaroo Island, South Australia, 5223

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