Tours for artists, dreamers, and adventure seekers. We make art outdoors while learning about the unique wilderness environments of Central Australia, and visit Aboriginal art centres.

Looking for something a bit different? Spend time making art outdoors in iconic Central Australian locations with the Northern Territory's top tour guide, artist, and lover of adventure, Anna Dakin.

Not artistically skilled? Join us for some art appreciation on a guided tour of Aboriginal art centres, and the landscapes that hold Indigenous Culture and the stories told in paint.

Got more time to spare? How about a multi day camping trip. Get into the depths of the desert, camp out under an ocean of stars, and really enjoy taking time to connect to this ancient landscape.

Art Tours of Australia is a female owned business, operated by a team of just one. If you want an authentic, personal experience, you've come to the right place. Art Tours of Australia's award winning trips always include great food, local knowledge, and time to indulge your fascination for the landscape.

Map & Directions

Alice Springs

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