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Enjoy a Cruise of the beautiful Blackwood River and be entertained and informed with a guided tour of the unspoilt wetland ecosystem. From the River mouth to the unique Molloy Island it is teaming with wildlife and rich in history.

The shallow waters, sandbanks and river islands are alive with an amazing variety of birdlife. A major feeding ground for Black Swans, Pelicans and Cormorants. There are 60 species of Bird that have been seen, some even travel from Siberia.
A Pod of Bottle-nose Dolphins is seen regularly and if not busy fishing will play alongside the boat.
The Dolphin Discoverer is a safe, comfortable, all-weather purpose built a vessel with easy access and good viewing. Licenced for 29 passengers it is available for private tours, sundowners and BBQ`s so get a group together.
Tour Guide and Skipper Graeme Challis has grown up on the river with his grandparents settling on the Blackwood in 1923 and a family history of fishing the river he has plenty of stories to tell.

The picturesque seaside town of Augusta is known for its natural beauty and relaxed lifestyle. It is where the Oceans meet and the largest river in the south-west finishes its 325km journey and enters Flinders Bay.

The best way to get a feel for the area isRriver Tour on the Dolphin Discover with the local guide and skipper Graeme Challis. Tours depart from the Ellis st Jetty located 400m from the town centre.< you="" will="" journey="" to="" the="" ever-changing="" river="" mouth="" and="" see="" some="" lovely="" riverfront="" homes="" and="" the="" place="" of="" the="" first="" british="" settlement.="" also="" passing="" east="" augusta="" a="" 56km="" journey="" by="" car="" but="" only="" 1km="" by="" boat.="" there="" are="" several="" river="" islands="" that="" are="" protected="" from="" predators="" and="" are="" a="" sanctuary="" for="">

A pod of Bottle nose Dolphins are regularly seen fishing and love to play alongside the boat.

The river opens up at the 5km wide Hardy Inlet a shallow expanse of water with large areas exposed on the low tide. It is a bio-diverse hot spot with fish, crustaceans and insects thriving in the shallow waters. White-bellied Sea-eagles and Terns are ready to swoop and catch their food. Wading birds walk through the shallows picking up small fish and insects.

Pelicans sift through the weed or hang around a fisherman for an easy feed. Also perfect for Black Swans which can number over one thousand and consume 2.5kg of swan grass each per day. Some birds such as the tiny Red-necked stint have flown over 10,000km to feed here.

The river narrows and deepens once you leave the Hardy Inlet and is where the Cormorants and Darter Birds nest in the paper-bark trees that hang out over the river. Also, Musk Ducks are common in the area another of the diving birds it is quite heavy and rarely fly's. Scooting along on top of the water they look quite comical.

There is a jetty with a shaded picnic area and tables that can be used for BBQs and picnics. The boat can stop here if requested on private charters. Where the Scott River meets the Blackwood Molloy Island is formed. Privately owned it offers a unique lifestyle for its homeowners. Accessible by barge and with nearly half the Island reserve and with minimal clearing as possible on the large 2000m2 blocks it leaves as small a human footprint as possible.

The river is navigable for another 20km and private charters can go as far as requested with pick up and drop offs from Alexandra Bridge possible a great to tie in with a wine tour.

Map & Directions

1 Ellis st. Augusta WA 6290, Australia


Ellis St Jetty, Augusta is located in the centre of town. Just follow the main road into town and turn left at the first intersection (Ellis St) and it is 400m downhill.

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Any bookings canceled with at least 24hrs notice will receive a full refund. If for any reason a tour is canceled the option a full refund or another tour is offered.

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