Budj Bim Cultural Landscape Tourism


Gunditjmara cultural tours of the World Heritage Listed Budj Bim Cultural Landscape. Discover a vibrant Indigenous culture and the region’s heritage, as you are introduced to the World Heritage listed sites through Gunditjmara eyes. See how the Budj Bim lava flows enabled the Gunditjmara to develop one of the largest and oldest aquaculture networks in the world. Composed of channels, dams and weirs, they are used to contain floodwaters and create basins to trap, store and harvest the kooyang eel. Tours along raised boardwalks designed to preserve the precious natural environment will showcase historical stone kooyang traps and stone channels, stone house sites and eel smoking trees and other natural phenomena.

The Budj Bim Cultural Landscape is a unique place with universal heritage values that demonstrate how Gunditjmara people worked with the natural resources and environment of the Victorian southwest region to establish a permanent place of human society over the past 30,000 years and beyond.

Budj Bim Cultural Landscape Tourism offers visitors a first-hand experience of Southwest Victoria’s Gunditjmara Country, inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage list for its outstanding universal value.

The First Nation's owned and operated company provides guided tours of the landscapes’ various components, where visitors can engage with Budj Bim’s fascinating history – from the creation of the landscape to present times.

A state-of-the-art Aquaculture Centre brings to life ancient freshwater eel farming techniques practised by Gunditjmara people for thousands of years, while the café offers eel tasting plates prepared using traditional Aboriginal techniques and flavours, and a selection of retail items.

Map & Directions

4/48 Edgar Street, Heywood, Victoria 3304 Australia

Cancellation Policy

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For cancellations greater than 48 hours prior to tour date, no cancellation fee applies.
Cancellations between 48 and 24 hours prior to tour date, a 50% cancellation fee applies.
Cancellations within 24 hours of tour date, a 100% cancellation fee applies.
No shows and cancellations after arrival will be subject to a 100% Cancellation Fee.

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