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Get the most out of your time, money and visit to Melbourne by booking a private tour. We access locations that cannot be visited by buses. Our private tours have no set itinerary, were driven purely by your cravings and appetite for an experience not just another bar tasting. Come away from the tour completely satisfied with your private sample of boutique cheese and other spoils collected along the way and kept safe by your private driver.
All Private Tours gives you the chance to do nothing but look at the Victorian Countryside & let us do the driving and the planning. You could taste wine, champagne, eat choclate, taste cheese, have scones & cream with no long cues. See Penguins, even feed a Kangaroo! Spoil all your food & wine tasitng cravings in 1 day.

Since 1991 we have loved giving people a good time in Sydney & Perth with finally settling in Melbourne with our family & private tour company.

The Yarra Valley is just an amazing resource of food, wine & produce that is waiting to be experienced from wine palette to foodie taste buds.

Over the years we have shown the Yarra Valley to young professionals both male & female, retired bankers, mothers for mothers day, anniversary gifts, proposals for marriage, birthdays, staff celebrations & internationals from USA, SPAIN, ITALY, NEW ZEALAND, POLAND, GERMANY, PHILIPPINES.

With cheese, wine, beer, cider, gin, vodka, cocktails, chocolate & more if you have room.

The region produces some of the worlds best Pinot & Chardonnay and remembering we have the famous Australian wine guru James Haliday giving awards to Yarra Valley wineries for "wine maker of the year".

Having over 100 - 5 Star reviews - we want to make your day with us the best experience & gift ever.

Our private tour experiences in Yarra Valley and Melbourne regions make your day easier as we have done all the planning and schedule for you, so just sit back in comfort & relax.

The driving is on us so you can have a few wines & spirits without concerns for the drive home.

We go at your pace so if you want to stay a while at a venue you fall in love with & have an extra glass - sure we can do that.

If your style is to make your day full to the top we can do that too and help with venue planning & choices to make the day smooth whilst visiting the most amount of venues.

Have a special request ?? tell us more & we will be working hard to make it happen.

Only high quality premium cars, Chrysler, Mercedes for your day with us.

We create the days experience around your preferences and try avoiding the busiest venue's. Wine, cheese, chocolate, champagne, whites, reds, gin, vodka, beer's & ciders all are accessible.

If you have a large group, let us know & we can make a private experience with the same high quality service.

We do love a nice drop.

Friends or Couples of 2, 4 or 6 passengers are our main focus so we can give plenty of time for ever person on the day feel like they have had an experience in the Yarra Valley personal to them.

Looking forward to hearing from you for a Yarra Valley Wine Experience.

We are Family friendly and can assist with child seats

We are LGBT welcoming

Map & Directions

swanston street melbourne, Pakenham 3810


We collect from your hotel or home location.

Cancellation Policy

3. Cancellations / Postponements / Time Changes: Any cancellations or postponement must be made in writing to Chauffeur Drive Melbourne Gippsland (CDMG). Any cancellations the total hire fee amount will be payable by the Hirer. The full booking fee is due upon notice of cancellation from the hirer. Any hire date changes incur charges of $165.00 & availability for other dates / times changes cannot be guaranteed all other booking types adjustments may incur a fee (10% of the total job/hire amount Any monies paid are not refundable or transferable to any new hire date. 4. Vehicles: (CDMG) reserve the right to substitute or contract out a vehicle in case of an emergency or unforeseen circumstances. Stretch Limousines are limited access vehicles. Drivers have the right to deny any access to a venue or other locations that may put the vehicle and its patrons in an unsafe situation. The compartment divider and sunroof is operated at the discretion of the driver. 5. Pickups: (CDMG) allow for 1 pickup/ drop off point within Melbourne CBD. Any further pickup/ drop off points will be @ $25.00 each.6. Travelling Fees: Travelling fees are incurred for any bookings at the discretion of Chauffeur Drive Melbourne Gippsland. 7. Overtime Rates: Should the hire exceed the nominated finish time overtime rates will apply in 1 hourly segments at $65.00 (Sedan) ; $65.00 (People Mover)'; $100.00 (Stretched Limousine); $100.00 (Bus/Tour Coach) (for each hour over per vehicle) and is payable to the driver on the day before the final drop off at tour end. The extent of allowed overtime will be at the discretion of the driver to ensure it does not conflict will other bookings & commitments This may be waived in the instance of situations or circumstances out of the clients control but would need approval from Chauffeur Drive Melbourne Gippsland to do so.8. Property: (CDMG) accept no responsibility for items lost damaged or stolen within the vehicle booked & it is the hirers responsibility to check the booked vehicle or vehicles on completion of the booked time if any personal items are left in the vehicle to have items removed by them. (CDMG) reserve the right to refuse additional or personal decorations to the vehicle should the possibility of damage occur. 9. Damages: The Hirer is responsible for any damage caused to the interior or exterior of the hired vehicle which is caused by the Hirer or any member of their travelling party this includes but not limited to the vehicles stereo & its components which can sustain damage through excessive volume by the operator being the hirer or members of their travelling party. Damage to the vehicle hired stereo & or its component will also incur fees if needed to recover loss of income on other booked jobs due to damages to its electrical system &includes all & any of its components. 9.1 Music Stereo volume must be kept at a reasonable level to ensure the safety of all travellers & the driver for their ability to perform the driving duties safely and the driver has the right to ask for music levels to be lowered as they see fit to be safe for the driver. Any passenger becomes abusive or violent in any way this will terminate any further travel and forfeit any monies.10. Refreshments: Minors are not permitted by law to consume alcohol in our vehicles. 11. Photographs: The Hirer agrees to give CDMG the right to use any photographs taken on the day of hire for promotional display purposes advertising exhibits and including our internet site. CDMG may contact your photographer to request photographs from the day of hire. 12a. Drivers are expected to: Arrive on time at first p-up point; Roll out red carpet upon arrival (if requested) (weather permitting); Have fresh ice (if requested); Ensure special instructions are attended to and Drive in a safe and timely manner.12b. Drivers Service / Product Delivery: Chauffeur Drive Melbourne Gippsland cannot be held responsible for reduced services or lesser time of hire when the departure time is not adhered to by the hirer or their guest’s. If departure for hire / tours / bookings / services are late from reservation time we reserve the right to reduce hired time or remove components / visits / tours / tastings of any tour including products advertised as part of services delivered by us. Lunch venues & tour visits can be altered at the last moment by us without notice when late departure or unforseen circumstances occurs.13. Additional Fees: REGURGITATION / Vomit - $500.00(Stretched limousine) $250 (Sedan People Mover Bus) Cleaning Fee GUM & MAJOR SPILLS - $150.00 Cleaning Fee - all vehicles BROKEN & MISSING GLASSWARE - $10.00 Each. Any other cleaning or repairs will be estimated by a professional contractor and charged back to the Hirer & may include fees for loss of income from other bookings lost due to the vehicle not being operational.. Please advise your guests of these additional fees.14. Smoking: Smoking is not permitted in our vehicles & is a breach of the law.15. Agreements: By receiving this email document the hirer and their passengers accept the terms & conditions of this agreement. 16. Limitation of Liability: (CDMG) shall in no circumstances be liable to the Hirer or any of their travelling party loss or damage except: a) in the case of (CDMG) failing to arrive or to provide the agreed service (as per this document & the booking reservation) when the full measure of (CDMG’s) liability shall not exceed the full booking fee paid by the Hirer. 17. Under no circumstance can any services hire vehicle hire booking or vehicle reservation be on sold farmed out or made for profit on behalf of any other party or collective groups business’s extended or external parties at any time excluding Best Of Victoria & its Sales Staff only.

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