Dreamtime Southern X Pty Ltd


Hours: Monday-Sunday 9am- 5pm

Dreamtime Southern X is a 100% Aboriginal owned urban tour business where all profits go direct to Aboriginal people creating secure Aboriginal jobs and our own economy using our Dreamtime Culture.
It is registered under ASIC. It shares Aboriginal Dreamtime cultural knowledge via city environment eco nature based tours largely to students from Schools / Colleges / Universities / Visitors to Sydney  booking through tourism agencies and also  government agencies, private & corporate sectors.
Margret Campbell is the Business Founder/Principal and manages it with a team of 8 staff. 

It is important to understand this is not a government owned - controlled business. .

Map & Directions

Bldg 1, Level 1, Suite 7 27-31 Cope Street , Redfern , NSW, 2016, Australia

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