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Hours: 7am-6pm 7 Days

Hire a boat with us and fish Dundee Beach. Barramundi & bluewater fishing all in one great location. We make it easy for you with customised boats surveyed to fish offshore. Our boats are loaded with hundreds of unique fishing spots and we include a free launch and retrieve service at Dundee Beach.

Hire a boat with us and fish Dundee Beach on your own adventure. Barramundi, reef and game fishing all in one great location. Our boats can take up to 6 people, they are modern and maintained in excellent condition and our extensive local fishing knowledge can show you where and how to catch the fish you want. If you can drive a boat, follow a GPS and tie your own knots, we’ll make finding the fish easy for you.

With a fleet of 8 boats we can cater for small groups, families, corporate groups and fishing clubs and we are focused on giving you a quality fishing experience out of Darwin.

Map & Directions

Dundee Beach NT

Cancellation Policy


A security deposit of $750 cash or credit card is required to hire a boat and a signed Hire agreement.
Security deposits are returned once the boat and equipment has been returned providing there is no damage or missing equipment.

Cancellations inside 7 days will incur a loss of Deposit.
Fish Dundee reserves the right to cancel the boat hire due to adverse weather. Full refund will be issued to the hirer.

The nominated skipper is responsible for the safe operation of the hire boat at all times.
The nominated skipper is to ensure the hire boat is operated in accordance with requirements in the Safe Operation Manual provided.
The nominated skipper must not be under the influence of alcohol or drugs while driving the vessel.
The nominated skipper must operate the hire boat within the limits of the charter area at all times.
The nominated skipper must remain in the boat all times. The boat cannot be left unattended.
All drivers and passengers must remain out of the water at all times as crocodiles inhabit waters in the NT.
The nominated skipper is to ensure the hire boat remains within a specified safe anchorage or immediately proceeds to the nearest specified safe anchorage if winds speeds in the operating area exceed 15 knots.
The nominated skipper must operate the hire boat at a safe speed that is appropriate to the conditions encountered.
The nominated skipper must pass other vessels and identified navigation hazards at a safe distance to avoid the risk of a close-quarters situation. This is of particular importance when the hire boat is under way.
The life jackets and other safety equipment aboard are provided for everyone’s personal safety the nominated skipper is to ensure they are treated accordingly.

Vessel is insured against damage but the Hirer is liable for the excess up to $750.
The Hirer are liable for any abuse or misuse off the vessel.
No property of the Hirer is insured at any time by the Owner and the Owner shall not be liable for such loss.
Fish Dundee will not be held liable for any injuries or damages

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