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Clay target shooting events in Melbourne, Brisbane and Sunshine Coast – Packages starting from $95.00.

Go Shooting, established last 2002, gives you the opportunity to try clay target shooting with training and guidance from some of the world’s best shooting coaches, including Olympic gold medalist Russell Mark and Commonwealth gold medalist Lauryn Mark. We run shooting events in Melbourne, Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast for bucks and hens parties, birthday parties or for those who just want to have a go with their mates. We offer a wide range of options to suit your needs to make your day an unforgettable experience including transport and catering. Anyone can participate in clay target shooting no matter your age, gender or level ability. You’ll be surprised at what you can do and we guarantee you will hit a target!

Please keep in mind a few key points. Failure to adhere to the rules will mean participants may not be able to participate at the full cost of the booking place.

  1. No singlets, thongs or camouflage clothing can be worn. For Bucks groups please keep in mind that you can dress the Buck up but we are operating out of a family club so it must be appropriate for children's viewing.
  2. ZERO Tolerance (0.00) BAC. Don’t drink and shoot! Go Shooting operates a ZERO alcohol and drug policy.
  3. Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your session. Failure to arrive on time may mean missing out on some or all of the shooting activity. Rescheduling will not be allowed and refunds will not be issued.

GO SHOOTING PTY LTD (A.C.N. 102 775 897) agrees to instruct the participant and to permit the participant to use its firearms, ammunition, safety equipment, services and facilities upon the terms and conditions hereinafter appearing;
The Participant:
1. Agrees that the firearms can be inherently dangerous and may lead to either death or injury. The participant voluntarily agrees to accept all risks and danger prior to, during and subsequent to the firing of guns including damage or injury caused by other participants.
2. Agrees to use Go Shooting’s services and facilities or occupy the premises and surrounds of and any part of it at their own risk and release to the full extent permitted by law, Go Shooting and its staff, agent, invitees and licensees of Go Shooting Pty Ltd and each of them from all liabilities whatsoever arising (including but not limited to any negligence or breach of control) resulting from any accident, loss, damage or injury to the participant or its his or her staff agents, sub-contractors, invitees, licensees and/or permitters.
3. Agrees to inform management to any pre-existing health conditions, including, any physical limitations or medical conditions, including but not limited to shoulder problems, neck weakness, back weakness, recent surgery, broken bones, heart conditions, nervous disorders, and epilepsy. Management recommends that pregnant women should seek medical advice before they participate.
4. The participant by this agreement indemnifies Go Shooting Pty Ltd and agrees to keep Go Shooting Pty Ltd always indemnified in respect of all loss, damage, consequent loss and damage claimed by any person against Go Shooting and legal fees or consultants fees which Go Shooting may suffer or incur and all money which Go Shooting may become liable to pay any person in respect of or arising directly or indirectly out of any act, default or omission on the part of the participant or its his or her employees, servant, agents, invitees, licensees and/or permittees.
5. Agrees to abide by the rules and regulations established by Go Shooting Pty Ltd from time regarding the use and facilities and services of Go Shooting and shall comply with all lawful directions of Go Shooting as are given from time to time.
6. Grants permission to Go Shooting and their agents to utilise the participants image or likeness incidental to any photographic record live or recorded video displayer or any other transmission or reproduction in whole or in part, in any way which Go Shooting or such authorised person sees fit.
7. Agrees that Go Shooting may for any reason whatsoever terminate this agreement and require the participant to leave the premises. The participant agrees to abide by the directions of Go Shooting and leave the premises when directed to do so.
8. The expression “the participant” shall mean the participant or that referred to herein and his legal personal representative. The participant acknowledges that the terms and conditions hereof have been made available to the participant and that the participant has read and understood the same prior to entering into this agreement and acknowledges such by signing hereunder.
9. The participant will accept responsibility and pay for all deliberate damage caused to firearms and equipment used by the participant at cost.
10. Go Shooting refuses the right of entry any patron on the grounds of intoxication or illicit drug use or under the influence of a medically prescribed drug. Policy on Liquor is that all participants must be under ZERO Blood Alcohol Concentration before participating. Any Participants who do not obey these regulations will not be allowed to handle any firearms.
11. The participant must be a minimum of 12 years of age. Minors under the age of twelve (12) are not allowed to handle firearms, as they are not covered under Go Shooting Pty Ltd public liability.
12. The participant should be approximately 140cm tall to be able to operate the firearm. This is subject to the patron being able to safely fit and operate the firearm in accordance to Go Shooting Pty Ltd safety rules and regulations.
13. Safety glasses and ear protection will be provided and are strongly recommended for all participants to be used when participating. Spectators are advised of the same and will be offered ear protection. Safety glasses and earmuffs remain the property of Go Shooting.
14. All participants MUST only operate firearms within the safety cages provided.
15. It is forbidden to touch and firearms unless expressly directed to do so by a Go Shooting instructor
16. At no time are participants permitted to handle any ammunition. This will be in absolute control of Go Shooting’s instructors.
17. It is forbidden for the participant to participate in a Go Shooting experience if they have committed a crime under any State or Territory in Australia that will make them a prohibited person to operate a firearm. Failure to declare this may result in prosecution.
18. Participants and any accompanying spectators are welcome, but must sign an indemnity form upon arrival.
19. Participants are required to be at the assembly point NO LATER than 10 minutes prior to the start time. ALL PARTICIPANTS are required to attend the safety briefing promptly at the advertised start time. Anyone not attending this briefing WILL NOT be allowed to participate.
20. Photo ID will be required for events in QLD and NSW.
21. For participants attending our Quandong (Werribee) venue please be advertised that those arriving under guidance from an online map or GPS system that they may be advised to enter via the Cobbledicks Ford Road. Please note this is unsealed and subject to flooding. We advice DO NOT attempt this. Please use the Ballan Road entry either from Werribee central or from the Bacchus Marsh direction.
22. Go Shooting’s dress code expressly forbids singlets, camouflage clothing and open toe footwear such as thongs. Any clothing that is sexually inappropriate or racially vilifying is also forbidden.
24. Vehicle parking upon Go Shooting ranges is entirely at the owners own risk

Map & Directions

1225 Ballan Road, Quandong, VIC, 3030, Australia

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