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About iFLY Indoor Skydiving:

Whether you’re 3 or 103, Indoor Skydiving is both an exhilarating experience and a highly addictive sport. It is safe for kids, exciting for teens, thrilling for adults and realistic for skydivers. There's no parachute, no jumping, and nothing attaching you to planet Earth! You simply lean into the wind inside our giant glass tunnel and a column of air lifts you effortlessly into flight guided by a qualified instructor. It's just you, the air, and an incredible adrenaline rush.  

From beginner, you'll soon master the flying skills of expert skydivers in our state-of-the-art, fully-controlled, ultra-safe environment. And the all-round viewing platform lets you share the magic with family and friends.?Experience the rush that makes the sport of indoor skydiving so big around the world. Whether you’re celebrating a special event, planning a corporate day out or looking for a new sport to take up – we’ll help you get up to speed at iFLY!

Please note: you must arrive 1 hour prior to your selected flight time.

Who Can Fly:

• 3 years old and above
• Not Pregnant
• Not under the influence of alcohol or non-prescription drugs
• Under 105kg if under 180cm, under 115kg if over 180cm*
• Not wearing a hard plaster cast
• Does not suffer from any neck, back or heart conditions
• Has not previously suffered from a dislocated a shoulder
• Has signed our Statement of Risk waiver form
• Anyone under 18 must be accompanied by an adult Management reserves the right to refuse service to anyone at any time. Please arrive 1 hour before your flight time
*Flyers over our standard weight limit but under 135kg may fly provided an experienced instructor is available to take the flight. The experienced instructor must be requested at least 7 days prior to the flight date and will incur a $30 ‘special request’ add-on. The iFLY High package or add-on is not available to those over our standard weight limit. All other terms and conditions continue to apply.


We pride ourselves on being able to fly those with physical and/or psychological disabilities and understand that each case is unique. Please call us on 1300 366 364 to discuss your individual access requirements prior to booking so we can be prepared to make your dreams of flight come true. 

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123 Mulgoa Road, Penrith, New South Wales, 2750, Australia

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