King Island Distillery


Hours: Open by appointment dial the disitiller 0488243377

This is the story of a resourceful Native lady, an Islander all her life, who’s determination to distill products that we can feel all our senses emotionally attached to, has proudly grown King Island Distillery to be known as one of the existing high quality brand King Island is renowned and loved for.

This micro size distillery is built on a clear purpose to deliver beautiful artisan spirits from the finest King Island ingredients hand picked fresh, made with happy Heidi love, to be enjoyed with a smile.

Entertaining people about her craft and sharing all about making beautiful boutique batches of King Island gin, vodka, liqueurs and barrel aged spirits sustainability with an attitude of waste minimisation; starts from Facebook to the distillery door and goes Australia wide.

The passion this local woman has about adding to the collective love and admiration for King Island, extends well beyond a quick visit. Supporting, showcasing and growing King Island, working in collaboration with local venues and suppliers, Heidi’s success means success for other Islanders.

Heidi’s King Island distillery achieves this through beautifully crafted spirits that capture the essence of King Island, from Tasmania's Northern-most operating spirit Distillery, located at 40 Degrees South and make people from all over the Country fall in love with it, again and again.

♡ 7 minutes from the Currie Airport
♡ Enjoy a guided artisan spirits tasting session with a smile, as we share stories of our journey and what we have discovered by handcrafting our growing range of small batch spirits. hh♡ signature spirits, Native gin, vodka, barrel aged spirits, brandy and Bella chella lemon liqueur. Plus, our delicious distiller choice single cask Tasmanian whisky.
Cheers ♡ hh♡ | Happy Heidi the heart of King Island Distillery handcrafted spirits

Try our GINcredible range of spirits
Native gin
Ruby grapefruit spirit
Bella Chella Limoncello
Two first of its kind signature spirits
Tasmanian Single Malt Whisky

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We invite you to watch a 4 minute film production about Heidi's distillery journey since 2014.
A Native solopreneur determined to distill her own unique artisan spirits
Click on the link to watch

King Island Distillery

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The story about Heidi Weitjens craft distillery business, is built on a clear purpose and vision to bring artisan spirits made with the finest, King Island ingredients to locals, visitors and people across Australia.

Island life naturally needs an attitude of sustainability and waste minimisation, and this underpins many of the choices Heidi makes.

Because of Heidi’s commitment to her vision, and willingness to adapt, her small distillery is on a GINcredible journey.

Using the finest local ingredients, and best-of-breed custom made Tasmanian stills, her meticulously handcrafted spirits are a vehicle for patriotic and community-focused change.

As an Islander, Heidi is passionate about supporting, showcasing and growing King Island.

Working in collaboration with local suppliers for her ingredients, Heidi’s success means success for other Islanders, as well as raising the profile of King Island across Australia. She wants to create a collective love and admiration for King Island that extends well beyond a quick visit.

Creating connections through beautifully crafted spirits Heidi makes to capture the essence of King Island and make people fall in love with it, again and again.

Happy Heidi the heart of King Island Distillery handcrafted spirits made with love

Map & Directions

1 Racecourse Road, Currie, King Island 7256


The local King Island Distillery is located at
1 Racecourse Road,
In the main town, Currie.

Located inside a big green shed. The first one the left hand side, about 100m down Racecourse Road.

The GPS King Island Distillery is:-

7 Minutes from Currie or the Airport

Next to Ocean Dunes Golf Links and Racecourse

Cancellation Policy

King Island Distillery has a cancellation policy in place to ensure transparency and fairness for all our customers.
If you need to cancel a booking or change your plans, we kindly request that you notify us as soon as possible.
For cancellations made within only a few hours or a day prior to the scheduled visit or event, a cancellation fee may apply.
The specific fee and terms may vary depending on the nature of the booking, or event.
We understand that unforeseen circumstances can arise and we will do our best to accommodate reasonable requests for rescheduling, or refunding, subject to availability and the nature of the booking.
Please reach out for customer support if you have any questions.
We appreciate your understanding and cooperation, and we strive to ensure a positive experience for all our valued customers at King Island Distillery.

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