Peak Potential Adventures


Adventure is our passion. Peak Potential Adventures was founded by a group of adventurers who have a passion for adventure and the great outdoors. To us, “Adventure is a Way of Life”. We are an Australian based adventure company that provides small group boutique adventures. Our primary focus is to deliver a level of service and adventure experience that exceeds your expectations. We can do this because of our extensive adventure experience, and because we only work with the best guides and support operators in the business.


Let us take you on an adventure of a lifetime: to some of the most iconic trekking destinations around the world.

Whether you’re looking to explore our great Australian backyard or venture further afield, we have the journey to match. Our small group adventures take many forms, from single-day hikes to multi-day climbs. And from luxury trails with (more than a few) creature comforts, to treks that push you to your limits.

Whichever adventure you choose, we make it a safe and memorable one. We provide you with all the preparation, support and training you need, so you’re ready to take that first step. No matter your age or fitness level, we create positive experiences and memories that last a lifetime.

Map & Directions

31 Tingira St, Charmaven, NSW, 2263, Australia

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