Peddle Perth

Our main value is to be more fun than your destination. Peddle Perth is focused on creating the most fun & exciting tours in Perth and delivering on this consistently with personality.

Peddle Perth Tours
We curate amazing experiences that you’ll be telling your friends abouts for weeks.

Fun and memorable experiences delivered by authentic young people that show you Perth from a new exciting perspective.

Our tours are not practiced speeches, they are exciting adventures that will take you learn about yourself, your friends and the beautiful city of Perth.

Some people say Perth is boring but they are wrong, they just haven’t been on a Peddle tour before...

We’ve been studying Perth’s history closely and keeping our ear to the streets for new bar openings and new development announcements. We aim to make you feel excited, showing you hidden insights into Perth that you can’t find anywhere else.

After you’ve done a tour with us you’ll enjoy living here more and when your friends and family visit – You’ll have plenty of stories and be able to take them to all the best places to eat, drink and visit.

Map & Directions

247 Beaufort st Perth

Cancellation Policy

Cancel within 48 hours of the booking and receive a full refund.

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